Friday, December 5, 2014


Yay!! I finished with school! Happy to be back to my abandoned blog. I almost forgot how to maneuver around this thing. ;)

I’m excited to be back because I have so many ideas for posts and maybe even videos!!! I realized my favorite blogs have video tutorials and vlogs and I want to venture into the world of YouTube but I worry that my videos will be boring. But oh well since a lot of the videos I like are kinda boring but I them anyway.

Also, I never intended for this to become a travel log but that’s what I did most recently so oh well here goes again. We went to Hawaii around Thanksgiving and it was the best! It was one of those “OK I’ll just stay here forever & drink out of coconuts & be a beached whale & put flowers in my hair & eat pineapple for 3 meals a day” kind of trips. I was a first timer renting a car and my dream of driving a white car was shattered once again when the two men in front of me snatched them. White is apparently very popular for Alamo drivers in Oahu. I ended up with a black bug that I tentatively named “Herbie” but then scratched that due to the Lindsay Lohan reference and was on my way. Let’s back up. The week prior was a whirlwind of rough work days and 2 finals for school. For a week straight I wasn’t sleeping too good and then I hobbled onto a plane filled with kids. I then drank wine and watched two $8 movies in a row so as you can imagine I was feeling super, as in not super, by the time we landed. I was a lone wolf traveler since B had been there for a week already for work.

So Herbie black bug and I made our way out of the rental car place and were greeted by the red light jungle that is driving in Oahu and it took 30+ minutes just to exit the airport. That was an interesting topper to my crazy week but once I settled into the condo I was good to go! Actually, you know how it’s an adjustment to go from craziness to relaxation mode? The next day I spent the whole morning organizing every inch of my stuff, like bathing suits go here, hair ties go there, in like a weird OCD manner. I think it took a full 24 hours of doing nothing to unwind. From there on out it was beaches, hikes, shopping and good food! Here’s a few of my favorite pics:

[ the most beautiful sunsets right outside our place ]

 [ Makapua'a Lighthouse Trail, south end of Oahu ]

[ this thing was huge! ]

[ me day one, trying to relax ]

[ the view from the other side of the trail, also known as GorgLand, USA ]

[ totally. ]

[ windayy ]

[ on the way out ;( ]


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Getaway

It's been too long!  I started taking HR classes in January and between that and work I feel like I have very little time to myself so it's hard but I'm trucking along!  I'm on track to finish classes in December '14, woo woo.  There will be a celebration on that day - OKAY.  Anywhoo, Brian and I did find time to escape this past weekend to Monterey, one of my fave places ever.  We stayed at the Sprindrift Inn, which is largely why this is a favorite place of mine.  It is right on the water so it's worth it to pitch in a little extra for the ocean view room - it is Gorg.  All rooms have a fireplace and the bed and pillows are amazing - overall it's so romantic I can't say enough good things.  One night we were wondering where to eat and Brian goes up to the front desk and is all like "Where is the best fish 'n chips around here?" They recommended a little fish market called Sea Harvest which was around the corner from our hotel - we didn't have to use our car once all weekend, so nice.  He of course ordered the fish n chips and I got the crab cakes - so fresh and good...I wish it wasn't 350 miles away from home.  I have a special place in my heart for aquariums, and the one in Monterey is so fun.  Obviously sea otters are the big draw and amazingly we saw more sea otters from our hotel room than we did at the aquarium.  They are heart melters but I just read an article and the author described them as "the douchebags of the sea" - apparently they are not as cute and cuddly as they appear.

I feel as though my blog is turning into a travel log of mine so I will get back to the fashion soon!  Enjoy the pics. xxo

[ Oh, hi! ]

[ The way there - we battled a little rain in LA but otherwise it was perfect, cloudy and misty and NO cars on the road ]

[ A fan favorite - everyone was taking pics of this guy, the Sunfish ]

[ The view from our room ]

[ The jellies at the aquarium are amazing ]

[ Not to be confused with an alien spaceship ]
[ Brian took some amazing videos of these jellies, seen on IG: @hiddennotice ]

[ P.S. - A helpful addition to my blog - B got me a computer for an early birthday present.  Shock and awe!  He did good, to say the least. ]

Friday, November 22, 2013


So Vegz - I had so much fun on this trip with my mom, aunt and sis.  We hit Chippendale's the buffets, Blackjack tables, slot machines (obviously), the pool, spa, and barely stepped outside for non-recycled air.  I think my personal fave was accidentally pushing the "max bet" button on the video poker and losing $100 on one hand.  Swoops.

I ♥ The Mirage

drinky drinks

The weather was perf... in November, who knew?


$4.80 - jackpot!!

Have the best weekend ever.  I will be doing nothing since I'm still recovering... :P


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

la la land

So I have two fun trips to give an update on - I will start with LA since that one was first.  We went to the Nine Inch Nails concert for B's birthday and I surprised him with a stay at the Ritz Carlton!  He was shocked and so were the parking attendants when I pulled up in my 2004 Jetta, LOL.  They were all very friendly once they realized we were actually staying there and offered us champagne at the front desk.  They also upgraded us to a suite for no particular reason and we had the most amazing view, including but not limited to, the "Hollywood" sign, the Staples Center, lots of freeways, and a smoggy sunset.  My photos do not do it justice.  Also -  I discovered I am not so much a fan of NIN but the concert was still fun.

Bathtub IN the shower!

TV IN the mirror!

Our view - we could see the peeps heading into the venue

Interesting lightshow at the concert

Pretty entryway into the room

Excuse the Tarjay dressing room - my dress for the evening - $30 !

Coming soon - photos of my super duper fun girls trip to Vegas.  Have a good week!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celeb Picks

I love how posts pics of famous peeps wearing items from their website.  Why is it that a piece of clothing becomes that much cooler and more desirable once a fashion forward lady celeb has worn it??  I'm marinating on that but meanwhile here are some fun looks.  

(The item that can be purchased on Singer22 is listed below each pic.)

[ Donna Mizani Passion Dress as seen on Joanna Krupa ]

[ Frame Denim Skinny Jean as seen on Doutzen Kroes ]

[ LnA Ribbed Tank as seen on Megan Fox ]

[ Ragdoll Cropped Tee as seen on Rosie Huntington-Whitely ]

[ Rails flannel as seen on Lea Michelle ]

[ Superga sneakers as seen on Allesandra Ambrosio ]

Have a great week - I hope it's a speedy one!  Brian and I are going to LA for a concert on Friday and I'm way excited about it!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Here's to 1 0 0 !

WEARwolf is turning one year old and this is also the 100th post!  ::cue the balloons from the ceiling:: 

I think life is about the little things that bring you joy so oh well if I enjoy clothing, accessories, and pop culture!!??  My WEARwolf new year’s resolution is to dedicate more time, energy and POSTS in the very near future.  I’m following my joy.  

Back to it, how bout this sweats trend?  Comfy, lounge-tastic AND fashionable?  Stick it in my veins.  Below are some cuties from Singer 22:

My husband surprised me these Wildfox sweats that I had my eye on  (props) !!:

They fit like a dream and are so comfy – like second skin I highly recommend!  They are on sale at

We went to the pumpkin patch the other day – so much fun and we found a PERFectly shaped pumpkin.. I can’t wait to carve it.

I ♥ Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach - I have a penchant for succulents and they have the neatest arrangements, although very expensive!

Disneyland is all ready for H-ween.  We went on Splash Mountain and there was NO line.. probably because of the water factor - this is me pre-soaked!! haha

Showing off my new nails and hairdo.. hehe.

Have a great week!  I will be spending time with my boof (bff) who is here visiting before she moves to Japan!!! ;(


Friday, September 20, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

I stopped to check out the new 3.1 Phillip Lim collection at Target and it did not disappoint!  Pick ins are slim though I should have checked it out earlier.  I purchased the sweater above - perfect work staple and the fit is great.  Below are more of my faves -

Have a fantasmic weekend! .... I'm going to D-land tonight :D